— Upcoming Exhibitions & Fairs 

Frieze London

October 2021 with OMR

Art Basel Miami

November 2021 with OMR

— Recent Exhibitions & Fairs

Art Basel

September 2021 with OMR

Espirito Camminante

February 2021. Archivo Colectivo (MX)

ECHO at Ago Projects

December 2020.  AGO Projects in collaboration with joségarcía,mx (MX)

ECHO: Le temps ne coule plus. Il jaillit

December 2020.  NADA Miami 2020 with Peana Projects (US)

Initiation (Invitation)

November  2th  2020 — November 9th 2020.  Aparador Cuchilla (MX)

Resistance of the Sleepers

April  25th  2020 — September 6th 2020.  UCCA Dune Museum (Beidaihe, China)

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

January  24th  2020 —  May 30th 2020. FF projects in collaboration with joségarcía ,mx (Monterrey, Mexico)

Polyphonies of Perception (the things we thought we saw together)

February  4th  2019 —  March 30th 2019.  joségarcía ,mx gallery (Mexico City, Mexico)

INNER SUN (Fanum no.1)

December 21st 2018 —  May 18th 2019.  josegarcia ,mx gallery (Merida, Mexico)


October 12th  —  November 30th 2019. Estudio Aldo Chaparro (Mexico City)


September 22nd  —  October 26th 2019. Peana Off-Site (Gardiner, NY)

Ana Montiel in conversation with Ylinka Barotto (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Assistant Curator)

May 30thResidency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY (US)

ART RESIDENCY and exhibition at Residency Unlimited (with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation & Peana Projects)

April 1st  —  May 31th. NYC (US)


June 8th  —  June 24th. The Jetty at Greenwich Peninsula, London (UK)


February 22nd — May 20th 2018. Sala Amós Salvador. Logroño, La Rioja (SP)

FIELDS at Gran Salon México

November 2017. Garash Gallery. Mexico City (MX)

FIELDS: Inner Monuments

August 24th — October 30th 2017.  Aparador Cuchilla at Aldo Chaparro's studio. Mexico City (MX)


July — August 2017.  Machete Gallery. Mexico City (MX)