Ana Montiel is a Spanish visual artist and designer.

After spending most of her life in Europe-Logroño, Barcelona and London respectively-she decided to embark on an spiritual quest moving to a UFO-friendly village in the mountains of Mexico.

Over the years, her work has been featured in media like The New York Times or Architectural Digest magazine, it’s been exhibited in different countries (USA, France or Japan among others) and has been auctioned at the illustrious Christie’s.

Perception (and the questioning of it’s certainty) and impermanence are the two main themes on her artistic/metaphysic research and practice. Science and spirituality go hand in hand on Montiel’s personal mythology.

All the artwork from the Fields series is part of the Hidden Realities project. With this undertaking, Ana is exploring the possibility of new ways of perceiving, questioning how through induced altered states of consciousness we could expand the witness’ awareness, or reflecting on neuroscientific concepts like the idea of reality being a mere controlled hallucination.

The Hidden Realities project is evolving into the creation of virtual reality environments that will be unveiled very soon.