16 x 20 inches limited edition print

Maat was the term used in Ancient Egypt to represent the concept of harmony, truth and balance. On a broader sense, it also symbolised cosmic harmony and the equilibrium of the Universe as a whole.

I perceive harmony or balance as states of constant flow. Never fixed, always part of a choreography of events, without a trace of rigidity, nor attachment. They also fully depend on the eye of the beholder. The meaning of balance can vary enormously from one person to another.

I started working on Maat during a moment of great uncertainty. A time that despite being challenging, helped me grow and learn to fully trust the process of life.  All the artwork from this series is the visual representation of many questions, feelings and thoughts around the ideas of balance and (im)permanence.
The first 13 pieces were shown during the Spring-Summer of 2016 at Matters of Space (Los Angeles). The series is ongoing and at the moment new canvas paintings are in progress.

Ana Montiel, 2016