we’ll take a bow
and start a journey inward


Digital painting on Dibond aluminum

For availability please

Now we wake
after a lifelong reverie
only to find a threshold that unveils more uncertainty

a line becoming a point
(speaking a tongue without tense)

a wave becoming a circle
(circular time being unveiled)

a blurred portal making us loose sight of ourselves
(an unexpected initiation)

an initiation, a rare conjunction, an opening into ourselves ⠀

a threshold blurred beyond recognition -⠀
what I thought I was and what I think I am are the same -⠀
delusions projected.⠀

an intention, a step forward, a floating emotion rising to the surface -⠀
we all being and becoming -⠀
never not changing.⠀

loving in secret, loving in silence -⠀
holding hands while we waltz into the unknown -⠀
any definition will only become fiction.