(the things we thought we saw together)

solo exhibition at joségarcía ,mx (Mexico City)       |      February 4th   -   March 30th 2019

Witnessing as a creative act. Here we are, looking through a window only to find our reflection on the glass. The I in the eye. An analogy for our embodied consciousness co-creating all that we perceive. The realm of experience is the realm of illusion. This, our reality, is nothing but an illusion we share. Isn’t it romantic?

Scenes from the interior. What is the nature of the things we perceive? If we process our whole embodied experience internally, how can we even expect objectivity from them? Wouldn’t the internal processing turn them into intimate or even subjective input? Perception is always biased, how can I know if these colours that I’m seeing in front of me are as I see them, or completely different?

Altered states of openness. Inner music. Transmissions from the interior. Look at us, creating a symphony inside ourselves putting together the unison of stimuli coming in and the ones we make up. Perception as creation. A polyphony of sorts.

But what is consciousness? A light within that illuminates the shape of things and creates meaning? Conjectures, conjectures... knowing is impossible, we only think we know. The pillars of knowledge are built on conjectures. The realm of uncertainty. Can we transcend thought and dive together into the vast amount of silence we all share while we go within? Opening ourselves to the dimension of the undefined. What can’t be named, explained, defined with the language tools that are available. Elation in the shape of not-knowing. A liberation from suppositions. A restriction that in reality never was.

A magnetic field becoming visible. Echoes from the other side. We are tearing the veil. A glitch in perception is like a glimpse into otherness. A gleam of understanding. The idea of reality is not relevant anymore. Perception disincarnate. A coda into the unknown.

Ana Montiel, 2019

( detail images from some of the paintings )