In this page I’m sharing with you some of the playlists I’ve been putting together on Spotify over the years. We could say it’s an ethereal diary of sorts (that I’m happy and ready to share with you).

with warmth,


I tried for this selection to have a rather ethereal undertone, in line with the realm of ideas I explored with “Us as a Poem of Delusion”, the site specific I made for UCCA Dune museum.

The artworks that are part of “Us as a Poem of Delusion” reflect on the limits of our conscious knowledge and wonders about our unconscious depths. Is this we are sharing a hyperreal lucid dream? Is our perception a tidal lock of sorts that keeps showing us whatever we inadvertently choose? Are we stuck in Zhuang Zhou's butterfly paradox?

We all gravitate constantly between different states of consciousness, yet all these transitions are so fluid that sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if we are awake, asleep or in a deep meditative state for example. Sometimes we may even be experiencing different states of consciousness at the same time without being able to pinpoint them in an accurate way!

The music selection from this playlist is pretty eclectic and spans many decades, yet everything shares a bit of a numinous undertone. Drones are also very present, as I find their continual vibration help considerably in taking us to a meditative mood that makes the veil between states thinner. These fifteen songs are arranged in a very specific order that makes them work as a solid entity. In my mind a playlist is a journey with a clear beginning and an end. I hope you enjoy this one.


Songs that were very present during the months I worked on the UCCA Dune artworks (the Us as a Poem of Delusion site specific)

This playlist works better when played in order.