(wordless messages)

Museum quality c-type print
Edition of 3

36.57 x 51.18 inches | 93 x 130 cm

FIELDS is the most ethereal branch of my Hidden Realities project.

It is a tribute to the intangible, a personal respite in the dictatorship of this illusory material world that our senses never cease to perceive.

An homage to the non-material, to the things that very possibly exist despite me being unaware of them. It is like reaching out for something or someone you will probably never get to know. Like a leap of trust into the unknown.

For Hidden Realities I’m working on several pieces that revolve around perception (and the question of how solid it is. I’m also delving into ideas borrowed from neuroscience and other disciplines. Like the notion of reality being just a controlled hallucination. Overall it’s a quest for a new viewpoint/ approach on the matter. Non-restrictive and focused on amplifying the witnesses awareness.It is like an ontological expedition in the shape of a chromatic adventure.

Ana Montiel, 2018