My personal artwork has been licensed to renowned brands, independent fashion designers, musicians and more. I also collaborate on specific projects doing creative/art direction, generating imagery, writing or designing.

Relentless curiosity together with eagerness for  experimentation take me in very diverse paths and adventures. I love collaborating with other people. Each project is an opportunity to learn on many levels, to step outside of my comfort zone and explore something  I haven’t done before.

For me, labels and borders across the creative industries (and in general) are a thing of the past. I feel that sometimes, an unconventional approach can lead to innovation thanks to its out-of-the-box attitude.
I strongly believe in creative cross-pollination and see that knowledge from a discipline in particular can be very valuable when put to use in other fields of study.  

I can’t discuss some of the big projects in which I’ve worked to honor the confidentiality contracts I signed, but below you can see a few collaboration case studies that will give you a sense of what I’m doing when I’m not focused on my art practise.


Quarry Books/Quarto Publishing Group invited me to work on a book series full with simple drawing and painting exercises. My aim with the whole set was to foment creative exploration without the pressure to achieve specific results.
The series has been translated to different languages. Here you can find the original books in English and here is a link to the Spanish co-edition.  

Below you can find the original text I wrote for the books’ introduction :)

Thank you for choosing this book. I’m very happy to have you here.

Inside this playbook, you’ll find exercises that are intended to work as explorations in various water-media techniques. I provide instructions and tips, but feel free to experiment in different ways and follow your intuition. The key is to have fun with our paintbrushes and colors!

The artwork doesn’t have to look great all the time, nor does it have to be too detailed or representational. What matters is enjoying the creative process and taking incremental steps toward a more colorful life. Creativity has to be free and never is to be judged. Everything has a place in this world, even the things you may consider ugly may seem beautiful to another person!

Painting and drawing can be the kinds of activities that help you focus on the present moment and allow you to tap into your inner wisdom to find some insight. For me, they are like meditating. When we turn off our rational brain for a bit, we can start getting in touch with our wildly creative subconscious mind. This is one of the powers of art.

Be inspired, play, paint—make a mess if you may—clean and repeat. Forever.

Yours in color and shape,


On 2009 I was approached by Nina Ricci perfumes to help with creative direction and image making on different projects. For the first adventure I was partnered with Charo Mora (who after that became one of my closest friends) to bring the brand’s past to the present in order to build its future. Off to Paris we went a few times, to go through their archives, full of treasures that included original Warhols, Burens and Laliques!

Charo and I created a decalogue, worked on the symbols of Nina Ricci, planned five years of collaborations and experiences for the brand to undertake and many other things. Other projects for la maison Ricci came after that, for them I worked on art direction, design and painted hundreds of flowers... perfumes can be one of the most ethereal and beautiful things to focus on.


On 2013 I was invited by my dear friend Daniel Sannwald to do art direction for a music video he was going to direct. For the clip he wanted to avoid computer generated graphics as much as possible and explore a wide range of “hands on” techniques. Myself and a small team of talented people built landscapes out of wax to pour paint on top of them, grew coloured crystals over a John Legend’s head replica made out of plaster, did wet floral arrangements, played with hot ice, ink shapes in water and other crazy things. 


On 2008 I designed the first wallpaper design for my own wallpaper brand, Pattern Tales. When the brand was less than one month old it ended being on the cover of The New York Times’ Home and Garden supplement. From that moment until now I’ve worked on many surface design collaborations for brands such as Carolina Herrera, Anthropologie, Petite Friture or Alejandra Quesada x Nike. 

For me, designing a pattern is like making music out of colours and shapes.
Repetition works for me as a meditation and takes me into some sort of trance that I really enjoy.


When I studied Fine Arts at Barcelona University my focus was on sculpture and photo/moving image.
Drawing and painting were too classical for my taste. I liked and respected them, but wanted to explore younger disciplines like net-art or experimental filmmaking. Never saw coming that I would be drawing and painting non-stop from 2008 until the present day!

On my personal art practice, I’m still exploring/loving these mediums and over the years I’ve worked on a lot of projects creating imagery (both analogue and digital) for brands such as Clinique, Anthropologie or Maison de Reefur.




BBH London 

Bon Appétit Magazine / Condenast

Carolina Herrera / Puig

Cherry Red Records

Clinique / Estée Lauder


Elle Decoration



i-D magazine

Jo Malone

John Legend / Columbia Sony

Juchheim Japan


La Casa Encendida

L'Oréal Professionnel

Logitech / UE Boom

Maison de Reefur

MSL Group / Publicis

Nina Ricci

Petite Friture

Quarry Books / Quarto Publishing Group


Rolling Stone Magazine

S Moda / El País newspaper

Vice Magazine

World Gold Council

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